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Buy a connector kit or extend wires myself ? Turn signal

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I've got a turn signal kit for the front. I've installed the rear turn signals by cutting/extending/connecting wires to eachother. There are kits available that uses the stock connector

but it takes me a couple of weeks to get them shipped at a normal price. What do you guys think, is it safe/appropriate to cut the connector of and search for two wires to connect my new ones to or should I get those connectors shipped?

I love doing mods but I do not want to make it a dinkytoy>:D

Edit: these are the connectors that extend the OEM wire to the new turn signal, so cut:
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I found more of what you are looking for here, buy the connectors or harness and make your life easier.
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They would really work Jun, good find. I have ordered the connectors but while installing I found out that the connector was not there. Just a common female connector. Cutted the wires of the flush ones and put bigger connectors on. But for you guys on the other side of the ocean it will work ;)
It will work for you guys. Ordered the stuff from TST(which they did deliver fast and good!) and prepared for installation. Little did I know that the EU connectors are just common plugs instead of the 3way.

Luckily they r on now
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