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Can I install a full exhaust still in brake in period?

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Dear friends, please I'd like some help.

My full system has arrived, but my R3 is still with 80mi.
Can I install the exhaus still in brake in period or better wait untill 600mi or 1000mi? Are there any risks for the engine? I'm concerned about that...

Thank you.
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I installed mine at about 00150, no problems so far....
Are you going to be installing a PCV or block off plate with your full exhaust ? I just completed my project with a Yoshimura R77 full exhaust carbon with tip and installed db on the bike. I had purchased all the stuff full exhaust Dyno-jet PCV and graves block off plate with hose to cap air-box. first day I rode the bike with just the full exhaust. I did have popping and less power for sure. Next day the Dyno got delivered and installed PCV and the block off plate. I took it for a ride and all was changed no pop and more power and seems to start better in the morning. I'm on day two and went for a ride today and happy with the upgrade. It's louder not too much just right.
I didn't bought PCV yet, because here is very hard to find, even harder to find someone reliable to install and tune it, and it's very expensive. I'll first install the exhaust and check the results. If it gets too bad, than I'll have to save some money to buy the PCV.

The blockoff plate is not available too, but It's easy to manufacture it at home, so I'm not concerned about that for now. Someone here in the forum who made many tests at the dyno said that blockoff plate is just needed to stop the popping, but it's installation does not give any extra power.

The exhaust manufacturer says that it has a 7% of power gain only with it. I'll check it after installation. For now I'll paint it's curves in matt black to fit the bike's color in the exhaus area. I'll wait a little more to install it, the bike has only 140mi now and I'm still starting my friendship with it despite the love I already have. :)

Your bike looks very beautiful! Congratulations!

Thank you!
7% I never did the project for more power. I did it so people will hear me coming. Makes me feel a little safer and the sound is no much better. Good luck with your project and what are you painting ? People on the forum ? Did do there full exhaust with No block off plate (more power never said it did that) they ended up pulling it out and going back to stock because of the poor performance and popping. When I do something I do it the best I can with lots of hours of research. I guess I got lucky because someone on the Forum did the full exhaust and block off plate and PCV and he still has popping at freeway and hwy speeds. I on the other hand I do not have any issues. The PCV program is downloadable from a PC only. My unit came pre loaded with the map for my full exhaust system. Done deal no half baked project runs so nice. I did all the work myself in about 2 hours for everything. Its was easy just study all the installation instruction from Youtube. I bought everything on eBay except for the PCV from HardRacing. you don't have eBay in Brazil ? Full exhaust around $600 USD 1/2 that used. New Dyno-jet PCV for R3 $311.00 USD with maps loaded from HardRacing on this forum. I'm sure he could ship it with the block off plate they run around $27.00 USD.
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I have the same setup, with a full Yoshi 77 exhaust and block off plate. Though with a Bazzaz unit instead of a PCV.

Just having a PCV alone isn't the magic wand. Getting the right map in it is key.

If I understand things correctly, the block off plate just helps decrease some of the popping. And it helps in tuning, so the system doesn't get confused with extra air dumped into the exhaust. It does nothing for extra power.

The problem with a full exhaust system is that it flows more freely than the stock system, thus making the bike run lean.

My first map didn't do much for power. Getting a second map that dumped in more fuel now makes the bike run like a different machine. Really happy with the combination
Removal of smog pump results in more accurate A/F values from the O2 sensor. I noted that stock A/F values were in the mid to high 13's (full system, no smog pump or cali can, HP air filter), so there was room to lean up the map a bit.
Removal of smog pump results in more accurate A/F values from the O2 sensor.
I think both the PCV and Bazzaz have instructions for disconnecting the O2 sensor, if not from the exhaust itself then at least its wiring.

Do these systems only make use of the O2 sensor if you get the additional autotuning module?
Is the smog pump a cali specific thing?
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