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Can't see 'Attached Thumbnails'

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For some reason I can't see any attachments anymore. They were literally there yesterday. I'm on a PC using Firefox. Any suggestions? Tried clearing cookies and my cache
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@Stirz has reported this to Admins.

If we want it to get fixed faster please contact an admin to let them know about the problem.
Well, its no huge deal but it is weird that it was fine yesterday and today it isn't working.
Admins are aware and are working on it - stay tuned for your regularly scheduled program.....
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Thank you for reporting the issue to us. Yesterday Tapatalk provided us with a required system update that was deployed on all our sites to allow the app to continue to function with the forum. The installation of this update resulted in the following issues on the forum:

Double posts
Attachments not showing
Like function not working
Encoding errors
Edit function not working

We have received a patch from Tapatalk that should address these issues and have deployed it onto the forum. If you have encountered issues with the site in the past 24 hours please clear your browser cookies and cache and see if the issue persists. If it does please let us know what browser you’re using and any errors you receive.

Thank you,



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It works! I just hit F5 and refreshed my browser page and the pic is now showing :)
Some work and some don't work. I've noticed this the last couple days. Hopefully it works now, according to the admin's post right above mine.
Yeah, my "like" button was broken yesterday, but everything is working today.
System glitch. Updates. Just another day on the interwebz.
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