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Carbon Look Rear Seat Cowl

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I received the Carbon Look Rear Seat Cowl today. Apologies for the reflections. We finally got a somewhat sunny day here.

The quality and fit are very good. Fits tightly (comes with 4 rubber bumpers), there's no rattle or vibration, has even gaps all around, goes on and off better than the OEM Yamaha one.

The rubber on the back pad is definitely much thinner and softer than on the stock one and is a little uneven in color, but some ArmorAll or equivalent should take care of that.

I'm very happy with it (particularly considering it was only $53.89 shipped) and I now have a pair of cowls (blue OEM one and this carbon one) that I can swap out as my mood dictates.

NOTE: Another forum member bought the red one from the same seller and the color was off quite a bit. I'm sure the blue one would also be mis-matched. That's not an issue with the carbon, nor would it be with the white one they sell. They also have a white one with FIAT logo at the rear of it, probably from a racing team?

Here's the seller


Automotive exterior Vehicle door Auto part Bumper Automotive mirror

Hood Automotive exterior Font Auto part Automotive lighting

Carbon Hood Automotive exterior Material property Font

Blue Architecture
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does the cowl material match the seat material well?
does the cowl material match the seat material well?
Cowl material is ABS plastic, same as the OEM Yamaha cowl. The carbon is carbon-look only. It's not a real carbon fiber overlay but it looks good with the stock black seat vinyl fabric.
I'd been considering the blue OEM one for my bike, but I think I like the look of this more, bonus points for cost as well.
I might want to get this sometime soon. Considering the black one on the R3 too.
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