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These were from this weekend at Summit Point where the weather couldn't make up its **** mind. Both days had a mixture of dry races and wet races. First one was GT500 in the dry, and this was one of my favorite races so far, fighting it out with a guy that has been at a similar pace as me at every weekend that I've raced so far. There were a few turns where I was faster than him and some where he was faster than me. In the end I got him by 0.041 seconds at the line!

Second one was probably one of the most frustrating races I've had because the rain started just minutes before the race. I hauled ass trying to swap to rain tires and I barely made it out for the warm-up lap just in time thanks to a couple of guys who helped me out with one of the tires when they saw I was running out of time. I think this was the only time I've ever been more tired BEFORE the start of a race than at the end of a race lol. The other frustrating part is I couldn't make the pass for 3rd place. I was pushing pretty hard for those conditions and almost crashed into the guy a couple of times but just couldn't make that pass safely. Disappointing because I really wanted that podium place. When I looked at lap times I realized my best time was only 0.4 seconds slower than the winner's best time, and 1.8 seconds faster than the guy in 2nd place, but unfortunately I lost way too much time on the first couple of laps until I settled in and got used to the wet track.

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