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Coolant overflow?

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So over the past month or so I've noticed some drops of liquid at the front/bottom of the fairings. Usually after highway riding 100-130kmh for shortish periods. But yesterday there was ALOT more and now its got me concerned. I've been told its probably just the overflow but its not like its over filled and the bikes heat doesnt go higher than 3 bars on the screen. Any ideas?
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Its been into the dealership twice, one for break in and 1 for 5k service since i got it just over a year ago. Surely they'd have done that?
Maybe. Pull up Yamaha's official website for your part of the world. Somewhere there will be a "Safety Recall" section where you can fill in your bike's VIN and see if it has any outstanding recalls, or if any have been completed. If there are any, contact your dealer and let them order parts and schedule an appointment for the work.
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