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denyewlR3's upgrades and progress

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Bought this baby 2nd hand with 1000kms its been only 5 months in hands and and these are my mods so far.

HIDs 8K (ebay, cheap it does its job even for the bad rep china products get)

Ice blue 10 LED T10 W5W Wedge (ebay)

Carbon PAINTED seat cowl (ebay, a few blemishes and not flush perfect fit, it can wiggle around but for the price its OK)

TechSpec Gripster Snake skin Tank pads (TechSpec AUS site, a lot of grip no more sliding around)

Yamaha Aftermarket LED Carbon Indicators Front & Back (Yamaha City store, didn't want flush mounts due to drivers high chance of not seeing them)

M4 Street Slayer Carbon Slip on exhaust (Motomummy)

R&G Racing Products (bought all from bikebiz online)
Radiator Guard
Front fork protectors
Fender eliminator kit (the license plate light is really bright worth it)
Swingarm protectors
Rear footrest blanketing plates
M6 cotton reels/spools


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Looking good....Is the radiator guard pretty easy to install?
I have the R&G Radiator guard too, you dont actually need to take fairings off to install it, but if you have the time and bother it helps. Mine took a little bending on the bottom bits to get it to fit, but it fits very firmly and isnt going to go anywhere.

You only need to undo a few screws, slide the Rad guard in (and this is the tricky part and will take a fair bit of fiddling) and screw it all back up and done.
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Love the M4 Street Slayer. How do you like the sound? I bet the videos don't do it justice.
I have the same indicators in the rear and I am adding them to the front as well. Looks good.
Its really loud i have the db killer in and its still loud, shakes my whole garage and i get paranoid near police thinking they'll pull me over for it. Worth it though heads turn left and right and people will see you and hear you +1 for motorcycle awareness =).
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