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Depopsit made!

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I stopped by the dealer today to find out when the R3 will arrive. The said around the end of February or beginning of March and I can demo if it is not already sold. Hmmmm, His number one in sales last year was the 300 Ninja, the R3 is surely going to be better, what is the chance he won't have a line going as soon as road tests hit the street. I gave them a deposit on the first Blue one to arrive. If I don't like it (fat chance) I can switch the deposit to something else.

I'm a long time rider (about 50 years) have had just about that many new bikes, currently riding a BMW R1200R but riding less and less every year. I'm thinking getting back to basics might renew my passion.
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Congrats keep us posted on how things go from now till finally taking delivery of it.
Thanks, glad to know there will be a place to discuss all things R3.
I know right, it helps to have one mega resource all dedicated to the R3. So far this seems to be the best of them, especially with how it's been growing.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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