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If you have clear visors and want to apply tint for very cheap, here I bought some gold window tint from eBay and applied directly with water and squeegee. Looks amazing under direct sunlight but in some angles your face is slightly visible. Downside of gold and mirror tint is that you can slightly see your own reflection from the inside hence I think dark tint is still the best. Visibility was surprisingly clear. Haven't tried it out yet during night time though. It was a hard choice between mirror and gold but still looks bada-- and I'm happy with it overall and been getting more stares :cool:. $9 for 10ft of tint ain't so bad.

only problem I have is the roll of tint I received had a few dings here and there along with crease marks. Can't believed it was shipped in plastic bagging.. then again shipping took quite some time so I'll be keeping it



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