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Do you get a lot of attention on your bike?

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I drove that Majesty for 10 years and I had one lady one time tell me she thought the bike was pretty. With my R3, I was HAULING IT HOME TIED DOWN IN THE BACK OF MY TRUCK and I had one guy look at it with a huge grin on his face and another guy who passed me gave me a big smile and a thumbs up! In the parking lot of a grocery store on Saturday I was putting some 2 liters of coke in my backpack and I had a little boy who walked by with his family "Look at that motorcycle!" :D

I never got this kind of attention when I rode my Majesty. But man, that R3 turns heads! Now, if it can just turn the head of a pretty girl that would be really nice! :laugh:
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Same here, got plenty of compliments while waiting for green light. :p
Only in America...

Forget that kindness in Germany or somewhere else :(
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I get a lot of attention from other motorcycle riders but my Repsol cbr250r got more compliments and attention from non-riders.
In the beginning, I'd always catch another sports bike rider give my bike the look over...wondering what it was HA! And then the thumbs up. It's an attention getter for sure. I have the Blue.

Chicks in cars rarely look unless they're in a group. But your side-walkers will give you a smile, almost always.

...along with that are the cars full of dudes at the red light shouting for a wheelie. (Answer is always hel7 nah. Tickets for reckless driving is not what I want)
My wife has informed me she gets a lot of stares from guys and one guy even did a cat call while she was riding in traffic. Doesn't help she rides with a lot of pink and baby blues on her armored gear along with her tight kevlar jeans.
Turns heads many times riding on the freeway. It is from guys who I think are in the know and realize its the new R3.
The bike can certainly get some heads to turn. Few days ago I ran into another rider on the ninja 300 and he had to look at it for a while to figure out what it was. I have the Raven color and it was at night and he said at first glance he thought it was a R6! Haha People usually give the nod or a smile when they see it, really love the R3, glad I got it for my first bike! >:D
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I ride out in the country away from traffic, so nobody ever sees my bike. 9 out of 10 motorcycles I do the "wave" to are Harley Bikers, and they couldn't care less about one "crotch rocket" vs another. It seems the only time I see sportbikes is when I'm in my car!
Just this morning, a very attractive woman made a point to hold the door for me as I dismounted my bike. She was definitely taken with the R3, as well the the Alpine jacket and HJC helmet. Lots of questions about the bike, my riding scheduled, etc. I guess I need to get use to that...A Great Summer is a Brewing>:D>:D
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