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Does R3 Signal Moto3 Intent?

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While watching Moto3 over the weekend a thought popped into my head. What if the R3/R25 project is actually a massive signal for Yamahas intent to run Moto3?

First of all the bike debuted in race trim, aside from the swing arm the bike looked ready to race at Termas this weekend. Also on the launch they used the Doctor as spokesperson, now either its convenient marketing or something else is afoot.

We also had rumors way back in 2011 that Yamaha was concocting a Moto3 project for launch in 2012 (with the regulation changes) at that time Honda and KTM were well ahead in development and it was well known that Yamaha was working off the 250F motocross bike as a base.

Yamaha boss Masao Furusawa said: "From the standpoint of saving costs we want to forget about Moto3. But in terms of growing up riders we need to do something. We want to catch up the competitors, so we are doing something for Moto3."

Furusawa wouldn't confirm that Yamaha planned to enter Moto3 immediately in 2012 but he added: "We are preparing an engine and also a complete bike. We haven't track tested yet but we are doing lots of computer simulations for the engine and chassis."
I'm inclined to think that Yamaha is not content to continue letting KTM and Honda have all the glory. Moto3 is quickly becoming some of the most exciting racing on GP weekends an I would LOVE to see Yamaha competing there as well...
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If Yamaha is indeed planning on racing in Moto3, when do you think they will actually begin competing? As soon as next season, or will there be a longer wait than that?
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