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Does the R3 have a knock sensor?

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I have not found any info indicating that the R3 has a knock sensor and have found vague info that seems to indicate that it does not have a knock sensor. The relatively conservative compression ratio for this piston bore and engine speed indicate that optimum spark timing would not be limited by knock when using the recommended RON 95 fuel, ie that a knock limited spark advance control system isn't needed. Can anyone confirm with 100% certainty whether the R3 has a knock sensor?
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I didn't find it on the circuit diagrams or sensor list, so I'd go 90/10, maybe even 95/5 that there is no knock sensor. You want 100, you gotta figure it out yourself...
Stirz has it right. No knock sensor


are the only ones I can see listed that the ECU uses. The bottom three are all incorporated in what Yamaha calls the MAQS Modulated Air Quantity Sensor on the throttle body
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Thanks guys.
I'm guessing:
Speed: wheel speed. For speedometer and used with CPS for gear position indication?
CPS: crankshaft encoder (position) sensor
O2: lambda sensor
Lean: lean angle for ignition cut-out if bike falls
CTS: coolant temperature sensor
IAP: inlet air pressure
IAT: inlet air temperature
TPS: throttle position sensor
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