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Electronical Problems?

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Hello Riders!

As some maybe know that i smashed my R3 it continues with Problems.
I changed The complete Headlight Assy and it works fine. Front Brake fluid is missing cause i changed the Reservoir. The Rear Brake works eine BUT the Brake Light is not ligthing up. It's dark. Also when trying to use the Front Brake.. Same thing with the direction indicators. Normally it shows at the Cockpit that you turned the indicators on, but nothing... I think it stopped Wirkung when i changed the rear Brake Pedal. Der are 2 Springs. And Thema smaller one is connected to a black rubber round cylinder thing linke 3-4cm. Its something electronical. I opened it and there were Metal slices cojnected to wires. I think since then it stopped working because it worked earlier. Also the Daylight is not working.

Thank you all!
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Are you installing stock indicators? Replacing the same indicators that were damaged? If not we certainly need to know what turn signals you are working with.

Please always include images when asking comprehensive questions. Instead of lots of back and forth we can see with our own eyes. Save 1000 words.

If you want to replace the rear brake switch with a different solution you can trigger the brake with a banjo pressure switch. If the stock brake switch is not adjusted just right the light may be always on. Make sure you do not have rear brakes on at all times because the spring is too tight between pedal and switch. It takes very little force on the spring to actuate the switch.

If you disconnect the rear brake switch completely do you get brake light when you actuate the front lever and hear the switch click?

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