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Engine cut out while riding, error code 19

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hi guys, my engine cut out twice while i was riding on the highway. The first "notice" of some issue was an uncharacteristic jerk when i just shifted into gear 5 and slowly rolled on the acceleration. like there wasnt a spark for 1 or 2 revs.

The first time the engine cut out was when i was coasting (with the slightest throttle but still slowing down) in gear 5 (i think), when the engine cut out. I restarted it using the momentum i had.

Since i was suspecting something was odd, i tested it with the same situation again, gear 5, slowing down with some throttle. speed around 55 to 50kmh. it cut out too.

stopping at the side of the highway i noticed error code 19 was on. I just thought it was something to do with the kickstand cutoff but i cant be sure as the owners manual doesnt tell us whats code 19.

engine started up with no problems after i turned off and turned on the ignition again. code went awa, and for the rest of the journey tried to avoid that "stall" condition.

anyone with the service manual could tell me whats going on? :/ super paranoid whenever i hit gear 5 now.
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Back to the dealer methinks.
Yes take her to the dealer, the bike should still have warranty
Take it to the dealer asap....might be kick stand switch......
Error code 19 is: Sidestand switch: a break or disconnection of the black/red of the ECU is detected
If the bike is in gear and 'thinks' the kickstand is down, it will kill the engine. Here's a pic of the assembly - check connector and/or see if something had gotten between the plunger and kickstand. Open circuit = kickstand down. Closed = up. You can disconnect the connector and see if switch circuit is closed (continuity check) when the stand is up.


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thanks for your replies!

I was tempted to fiddle with the connections but decided to just send the bike to yamaha instead.

they hooked it up to the computer and after some testing, told me that a "speed sensor" was triggering the engine shutdown. so they changed it for me. I asked them about the code 19 thing about the kickstand switch and they explained that the triggers for code 19 may come from 5 sources, one of them being the speed sensor. and from their computers, they seem pretty sure it was the speed sensor, but did caution that with electronics there were many things that can trigger each other, and that there is a chance that something else was the problem instead. (they did say my battery connection was alittle loose and said that could be the problem too but their computer shows otherwise)

anyway, just an update. thanks for the replies again :)
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Im thinking its in the ignition switch itself. Ive been messing with mine and noticed that if i touch my switch a certain way, itll cut off. The switch does have some play in it when you turn it on. Maybe just grasping at straws, but i had a friend who works on bike and he said this was a strong possibility.
Check with the Yamaha dealer, there is a recall on the main switch subassembly. It is on some 2015-2016 models and is part of the tank bracket recall. Mine has cut out twice while riding.
Hello! I know this is a very old thread, but as long as people keep riding these bikes they are going to keep having these problems.

Also this applies to not only the R6, and R1, but also several other Yamahas of multiple years, as well as some atvs.

Code 19 will show to be a sidestand switch error. Possible, but most likely thats not it.

Basically there are 4 different things that can cause that code.

1. Sidestand switch
(probably not the problem.)

2. ECM faulty.
(almost never the problem)

3. Main wiring harness problem.
(maybe, but unlikely.)

4. Wiring going into the ignition switch.
(Bingo! We have a winner!)

Over time as you ride the bike, corrosion can form on some of the little contacts, or turning the handlebars back and forth you can break one of the little wires on the back of the switch.

You can replace the switch,
(Big costly pain in the ass.)

Or, with handlebar turned all the way left, find the wires coming out of the key switch, carefully cut into the outer covering.
Inside there will be either 2 or 3 larger wires, Red and Orange depending on model, (leave those alone! Lol)

...And two smaller Guage wires, usually blue.
Cut these smaller blue wires loose from the switch, strip about an inch, and twist them together.

Youre fixed! Tape everything up and start the bike!

No, it doesnt need a resistor.
No, it will not run the battery down.

This fix works on several years, and models of Yamahas that have a code 19 error, crank but no start condition.

If its a speed sensor the speedometer will not work, but the bike will still start and run.

Neutral switch shows as a code 42,
if it is bad or disconnected you will have no Neutral indicator, but the bike will still start with the clutch squeezed in.
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So what does this fix actually do? Thanks for sharing - would be helpful to understand the details
its the part below the key ignition. take it out using star allen-keys. then unsnap to take the thing out. clean up the dirty part using sandpaper. done. that is the problem actually. people been looking at wrong places :(
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