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England To Montana

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Hi! I am Mark from England but now live here in Montana.
Ever since I was 10 years old I have had an obsession with Yamaha. My brother and all his friends had Yamaha FS1E or fissie as we called them and it was awesome to think they could escape the confines of our street with these bikes. My first was an enduro, a DT125 that I passed my test on and quickly switched out the cylinder and piston and now it was a DT175.
RD250LC, RD350YPVS, DT's, RD400DX, VStar 650, VStar 1100, YZF R6 and now an R3. I prefer this size to any of the others but I gotta' wait for mine to arrive. I picked blue and white. Can't wait.
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You lucky baztard. You live just north of some of the best motorcycle roads around.
Beartooth Pass and Chief Joseph Highway are my favorites!

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Ever been to tail of the dragon?
No. Probably never will. I know all about it, and how great that are is, it's just to popular and crowded. Too many patrols. And if I'm not mistaken has a low speed limit.
Montana and Wyoming have between 60-75 mph limits on many roads. Even up in the mountains. And less traffic.
The residents of Montana lobbied for a speed limit. They were tired of inconsistent fines when left to the discretion of the leo.
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