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Exhaust wraps. What do you think?

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Well I will soon be adding a M4 Street slayer to the bike and considered doing an exhaust wrap to hide the connection of the different colored metals from adding the slip on. I think it would look good on the red bike I have and wanted some opinions of the pros and cons of exhaust wraps.
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The wrap does work. But, you don't want to put it under the drain plug, or anywhere you would drain oil out of the bike. Once oil gets into the wrap it will smoke for awhile. Even after a crap load of brake cleaner it will smoke. So you either need to skip the area where the drain plug/oil filter is, or make sure you have something stopping the oil from getting onto the wrap.
Very good point. I was leaning more towards starting from the 2into1 Y joint and going back to the can. I considered doing the whole system but I'm thinking that insulating the header pipe would increase the temps too high and possibly damage it in the long run. So at least starting at the Y joint would allow the air to cool gas temps from the header pipes and not cause any worry.
Or you could wrap your wrap with aluminum foil and cover it all! good for SS pipes but if on the stock pipes it will retain moisture and rust over time if it gets wet. Best bet is ceramic coating like jet hot. I got a quote for $250 on my yoshimura R77 headers and mid pipe because I wanted to go black to hide the attention grabbing polished surface. They coat the interior of the pipe as well which protects the metal but at a higher cost then wrap.
JetHot also has a chrome ceramic coating that might help ease the transition from stock to M4Slayer.
I whole heartedly agree with you.... I ran it on a couple of my supermoto track bikes. I never ran it for "appearance", but more of a safety issue. I had a full titanium exhaust on my Husqvarna 450. Titianium transfers heat in a HUGE way!!! If I crashed, and had the bike end up on top of me, the exhaust would most likely burn through my leathers, and into whatever part of my body was underneath. Exhaust wraps aren't for vanity.... They are there to protect the rider in a "worst case scenario". Most R3 riders (even on track) wouldn't gain anything by an exhaust wrap... The "hot parts" are pretty well protected by the bodywork-
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