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EZ way to find Oil Filter that does work

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R3 uses same oil filter as the Infiniti.
If you want the short (same as stock) filter look up 2004 Infiniti G35 as an example, the Mobil 1 version is an M1-108. For the longer filter use 2004 Infinity G45 that yields a Mobil 1 M1-110. Both filters are the same diameter and thread size. You can probably use any year G35/G45.
I obtained this info from the John Deere 2210 tractor forum which I also have one of and it also uses the same oil filter.
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Another oil filter thread?
Didnt the other thread have a list of known good used ones as well as known non usable ones (from people buying and not being able to use)?

This almost deserves a follow up oil thread.
Ok so I cant resist:

What oil did you use?!
It has a picture of a motorcycle on the container.
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