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F/S: NIB Kitaco Master Cylinder Guard (Gold)

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This reservoir bracket is awesome. In gold, on a Raven R3, it will look sick! However, I ordered this before I ordered the Brembo 15 RCS master cylinder, so I can no longer use it or need it. It fits the stock front reservoir.

Anyway, it is an overseas part. I ordered it from Webike.japan.net. It costs 4000Yen or ~$35. I just received it after ordering it a month ago and it is still sealed and brand spanking new.

So I will sell it for $35 shipped within the US. I think that's a fair deal. Thanks for looking & enjoy! You can have it in a few days instead of waiting weeks for it from overseas.

PM me if interested. $35, & I'll take care of shipping, likely USPS Priority.

Here is a link to the item on Webike. Kitaco Reservoir Bracket

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Bueller...Bueller. No one is interested in this sweet little item? Granted, it's mainly aesthetic, but it's a hard to get piece from overseas. You either have to spend like $400 or pay $80 in shipping alone when you order from Japan! No takers for $35 shipped for a brand spanking new sealed in box Kitaco reservoir bracket!

Get your reservoir brackets here! Yo! Hot dogs, peanuts! Reservoir brackets!
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