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Thank you, I'll talk to my local dealer tomorrow.
I've been looking everywhere on line & couldn't find anything, guess I should have checked there first.

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I just compared pricing and the link I sent was cheaper :)
I should have said Mrcycles is OFTEN cheaper, but not on everything.

The main R3 graphic (for the Red R3) and the fairings came up cheaper on mrcycles. Fairings were about $4 less. Those tank plastics you bought are $1.35 less for each at mrcycles. Rear seat is $4.00 cheaper at mrcycles, too.

BUT, Sportsplaza has the complete frame at $388 and mrcycles has it at $448. Big difference.

Guess all of the main 5-6 OEM suppliers need to be checked against each other to get the best price. Shipping charges are pretty close to each other unless you live closer to one coast or the other. Mrcycles is in North Carolina and SportsPlaza is in Oregon.

Procaliber.com has great prices, too, and free shipping on orders over $99 for all but oversize/overweight items. They have 12 warehouses around the U.S. to ship from. They're cheaper than mrcycles on most things. I just found them today.

Suppliers include:

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