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First Bike Questions!

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Hey guys, so I am new to the riding community and very excited to get started. I scheduled my Motorcycle Safety Course to get ready to get my license! I have been looking at potential future bikes a lot these last few days. I have a few bikes in mind that I am looking at. Obviously going to be looking at the Yamaha R3 and also looking at the Ninja 300. Heard both those bikes are great first bikes. I was also looking at the KTM RC390 but I heard that it has a lot of cost for repairs and stuff like that. Ultimately, I will be using this bike for commuting to school/work and back and riding around town just for pleasure. I am 5'11" weight 210lbs. Has anyone rode both the Ninja 300 and the R3? I just want to see what the main pros/cons are. I know that I still haven't gotten my license and all of that but I'm just so excited! Thanks! Glad to be hear!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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