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First Two-Up Ride!

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After owning the bike for 2 months, my wife and I finally got to go for a ride with her riding pillion. I set the rear shock to 7 from my normal 6 position, and although it was only 25 miles this morning, it was a great ride. Adding 125 pounds to the back did slow the bike a bit; we got to 76MPH on a few short straights, and I was trying not to scare her, just wanted to show her this was a bit more powerful than the 250 we usually ride on together. She noticed the quicker acceleration, but complained about the Koala bear position she was bent into. After we got back home, she said going fast was a lot of fun (oh crap! I could have gone faster and more often!), but the slower portions of the ride just made her back hurt.

Has anyone else had the oppurtunity to go 2-up riding on their R3? What was the feedback?
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Recently had a ~110 pound passenger on my bike for a couple of short trips to lunch and back. I'm relatively light so mostly I've kept my rear shock at the 3 or 4 position. But with the passenger... yikes... I'm thinking I need to bump it up to at least 5 the next time I plan to take her on the bike. Overall though she indicated sitting up while on the rear seat was not comfortable, but if I slide all the way to the rear of my seat and lean forward as much as possible it gets more comfortable for her. As for bike performance with the extra weight.. definitely a little slower but I was still able to get up to speed pretty darn quick on these SoCal freeways...no worries.
I've never had a passenger tell me that they were comfortable on the back of any super-sport.
I rode a few miles with a passenger last week for the first time. The biggest thing I noticed was the weight shift low speed, had to put a bit of effort into staying upright when rolling under no power. Her biggest comment (aside from how fun it was) was how high she was sitting compared to the last time she rode (which was a Harley).
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