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Flat Tire

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Realized my bike has a flat tire this morning.

Can I use a tire repair lot for a temp fix?

What tire should I get to replace it? I do not ride on the track. It is simply for transportation.
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If the hole is near the middle of the tread, not on the sidewall, you can plug it. I used the kit from Autozone that has the cement with it. Use the tool to ream out the hole. Then coat that same tool with some cement and coat the hole as best you can with it. Then with the plug in the other tool, coat the rope plug with cement also and shove it in so that about 3/4 inch is still outdide the hole. Pull the tool out. Now inflate the tire and cut off the remaining plug flush with the tire. I did mine late in the day and let it sit overnight before riding. Maybe not necessary, but gave me piece of mind. While I have ridden many months with a plug in the rear tire, I don't recommend it. Probably better to have the tire taken off the rim and a patch applied from the inside, but even with that, I don't know if I'd want to put thousands of miles on the tire.
Does it have a hole from a nail or something? Mine had a flat from sitting there over a month on the front. Filled it up and have been riding it a bit here n there and seems to be holding just fine.
See my post in another thread

If you find a nail or screw, See my post in another thread below.


Super easy. No messing with cement. Pull the nail, insert plug, trim, done. Youtube video below.

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