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fork colors

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does anyone know what the color is on the forks for the monster edition r3? the calipers and the forks don't match at all being different colors and since i am going to power coat my wheels might as well do the calipers while I am there.
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I'm a bit confused by your question(s)..... What year "Monster Edition" R3 are we talking about? The color of the forks, and calipers will never match each other. They are made from different materials- (as are the wheels). You could most likely match the wheels to the calipers, but I would advise against powder coating the forks-
so what i was referencing are the forks on my 2020 r3 monster edition or motogp edition the forks are a nice anodized gold I'm assuming but the calipers are this bland yellow old crayon color and i was wondering of anyone has experimented with getting them powder coated to match the forks. i was thinking of doing the calipers in the gold and buy black rearsets and do like a dark blue sparkle for the wheels as i have carbon fiber with a blue weave on the bike already
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