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Former Ninja Rider

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Hello all, I am looking forward to start riding my new R3. Coming from a Ninja, I am excited for more torque. I thought I was going to stay in the Ninja line of motorcycles, but after a small debate, I decided to go with a 2015 R3. For the price of a used Ninja 300, I was able to get a new R3 plus a 5 year warranty from the dealership. I hope to meet up with fellow R3 riders in So Cal. I am in the San Fernando Valley, And also Ventura county .
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Hello! I'm in SoCal. Go bump the SoCal roll call page if you haven't. I myself came off a Ninja. A bigger one though. It was my 4th ninja so I had to try something different lol.
Welcome! Interested to hear what you think, because originally I was stuck on getting the ninja 300, researching for months on them. Then i saw and sat on the r3 in person and knew it had to be mine. Let us know the differences you notice when you ride it!
Nike Bike just Picked mine up a three weeks ago here in Pasadena got about 270 miles on it. Its breaking it in is shifting smoother and new smell ( burn) is gone away from the engine. I got the Black/Red 600 miles is coming up soon $260 at the dealer to check bike and change oil make sure all is good. Got my first bill from Yamaha its like a credit card bill. Funny if you pay $78.00 minimum payment you will pay 19,000.00 in interest. Im paying it off in 6 months 1299.00 payments per month. and I financed the extended warranty and helmut pants boot jacket and the cloves were free because he forgot to add that in. I really love this bike its not the fastest but it goes faster then I would like to go. Easy to handle and looks sharp. Going to add lic plate set up and new pipe when its paid off in six months. Unless I can't wait lol. Be safe out there and watch out for the crazy car phone/texting people.
can't figure how to edit my stuff. I have a few typo's, oh I'll figure it out with time.
I'm also curious about the comparison to the Ninja 300...
I am in the San Fernando Valley, And also Ventura county .
I am close just north in Santa Clarita, will check out SoCal riders thread.
For all you SoCal riders. There is a local website for us called socalsportbikes.org. Good place to find new meetups, talk bikes, get help working on your bike, a mystery box floating around, etc. Lots of fun stuff

If anyone is in San Diego, hit me up for a ride.
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