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Forum Registration Issue

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Sorry to ask a dumb question, but I never received a verification email for my original account that I created for this forum, and I can't login using the password I gave during registration. I created this account finally (using SMS verification) because I couldn't get the password help function to work - It keeps giving me the error "The string you entered for the image verification did not match what was displayed," even though it never SHOWS me a verification image. This happens in Firefox and Safari. I know I entered my email right during registration because I tried to re-register using the same email and got the error message saying that email was already in use. And yes, I checked all my spam folders. No message.

Its not a HUGE deal, but I'd rather use the username I registered with originally that I can't get verified. Any help or suggestions?
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What was the old account? I can manually activate it and then merge it with this account.

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