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Here are some suggestions to improve the forum.

On Forum Restructuring
Read my post on the complex forum debate
R3-Forums 2021 - Forum Restructuring

On Editing
  • Add the ability to create headings & links
    • Currently, I must embolden "headings" to break up sections of posts; a markup nightmare (the source code looks like one large body of text, instead of sections broken up by HTML headings)
    • This should enable us the ability to link them using "#heading1" a the end of page links, to create absolute links to sections of posts
On General Forum Use
  • Add a widget to the new discussions thread page which automatically uses the title to search for related articles, and provide a prompt list to the discussion starter (links that open in a new page).
  • Anywhere there is the ability to reply or post, include "Please cite your sources by using the hyperlink feature in the editor."
On Starting Discussions
  • On the "Start Discussion" page header, include
    • "Please search community for a solution before creating a new discussion."
  • Reorder R3 Tech Talk to near the top of the topic selection list overlay
  • On the Start Discussion topic selectionoverlay, add a note
    • "Please select the topic that best matches the topic of your new discussion. This improves the quality of service our community members can provide."
  • On the "Start Discussion" page header, include
    • "If posting in regard to a motorcycle, please provide the year, model, and whether it has ABS"
I'm happy to provide help to those who truly need it - but let's make it more difficult for the ones who don't care to do their own research. Make it harder to post in ignorance. Limit the repetitive questions-answers posts, and help members find the answers they need to make good decisions.
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