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From TOronto Canada contemplating my first bike

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Hello everyone. I'm just a young guy living in Toronto Canada. Been thinking about saving up my money to buy a bike now that I have some more cash flow. This one seemed like a good choice since it would give me the time I need to save up and it is a 300cc sportbike. Sounds both fun and good for a beginner.

I will be following what happens with the R3 in the future. Hopefully it all turns out for the best and one ends up in my parking spot soon enough.
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welcome to the forum.
what bike do you currently ride?
Hey Yamahahaha,

Why don't you ride a bus down to Oakville and I will sell you my scooter for cheap
. I learn to ride on that and its top speed is 110km/h. I have taken it on a few long trips and its very comfortable & capable. Currently it has ONLY 35000km
on it and it will do another 35k no problem. The smartest thing to do is learn to ride on a small and light weight bike or scooter. A friend of mine started riding at the same time as me and he bought a CB750 and was racing with someone. I won't go into details but lets say he will never ride again
Not a bad idea LOL.
have him bus out to you and ride the bike back. Great way to learn,
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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