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Front-End Alignment

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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone has already had some experience with adjusting their front wheel alignment. I've scoured the internet pretty well for some examples before I get started but all the "other" video's online are a tab bit different in design. Many Vid's I watched have pinch bolts in multiple area's of the fork but the R3 doesn't quite have the same. So I'm not sure if all you have to do is crack-off the lower triple clamps bolts and squish down the suspension for a realignment (plus doing simple measurements from bar-ends to rear-center of the bike), or if you have to focus on the axle.

I'm also not sure if the lower clamps are sealed in with lock-tight, but I struggled to get them to budge. Or maybe the forks are designed not to be moved...

My issues is this; when I purchased the bike, I was given a free check up and oil change at my first scheduled maintenance. Before I took it in, I put the bike up on the stands and gave here a good wash. While working the chain (cleaning, lube, etc...), I noticed the rear tire had some odd clicking noise when spinning. I never heard this noise with my helmet on, but without it, it's clearly making a metal clicking noise. I talk to the shop about it and they gave me the 'it's just the brake pads'. Well, many months later, it's still there so I looked into it a bit more over this last weekend and discovered the it was the chain as it left the sprocket was 'clicking' because it was rolling off the rear sprocket to it's left as it aligns to the engine sprocket. Problem has been solved there, rear alignments were easy enough to figure out through online vid's, the manual, and just experience....but I want to perform a front alignment now (not that it's not straight anymore, it feels like it is) but just to be sure, plus I'm sure I'll have to do this from time to time anyway. I have yet to find any useful tips on a front-end alignment. I'm hoping someone can help.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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You won't do a front-end alignment - not adjustable and would only be out of line if you hit something. The rear needs to be checked for alignment every time you change a tire or adjust the chain tension. Here's what you do:

Get a couple of straight pieces of pipe or wood about 8' long (anything straight will do). Have a friend hold your bike straight up. Put the straightedges on the ground on either side of the bike, just touching the rear tire and parallel with the tire. Make sure front tire is straight. Now check to see if there is even space on either side of the front tire between the straightedge and tire. Basically, you are extending the plane of the rear tire and making sure it's centered with the front. Adjust rear tire 'angle' by using axle adjusting nuts at the rear of the swingarm. You can get pretty close 'by eye', but the straightedges are a good reference to use.
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