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Hey everyone, here's the deal. This was my brother's full leather, may he R.I.P. He died many years ago from an asthma attack. We used to ride together and he would scare the crapola pout of me and I fly! Anyway, the leather has been sitting around for years.

I am half Japanese and when my family went to Ueno (the bike district in Tokyo) my brother picked this up in early 90's. He used it sparingly but mostly during a 6 month cross country trip in the 90's with his BFF on their GIXER 750s.

It has normal wear and tear like any bike riding gear. Some scuffs and scraps, but that is for character! It is slightly discolored in spots but has been haning in my mom's cedar closet for years. The leather is supple and broken in. I have been applying leather conditioner to it recently. The inside is in good condition too. I thought the lining might be dry rotted or something but Japanese quality man. It would be a shame for this to go to waste. All in all, it is in very good shape and should serve the next owner for years to come.

I'm short and stocky-5'5" and 170. My bro was 5'7"-5'8" and skinny, like 150 sopping wet. It's too long and narrow for me.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, let me know. The Japanese size of it-"LL"-allegedly converts to a size 44 suit, BUT I think ti wears a little smaller.

I am asking $300 shipped, which I think is a fair deal. It'll last for years. Shoot me a PN if interested.

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