Just sold my bike, and as it was a '17 with ABS, I couldn't use a standard ECU flash from Norton Motorsports. I went with the aRacer programmable and Bluetooth ECU and it was a standard plug-n-play. Improved bottom end and throttle response across the whole powerband. It was my favorite mod that I did on my R3. The new owner wanted to cut the price of the sale so he asked for me to pull the ECU and return the stock computer with the stock map. His loss.

This comes with the Bluetooth program module that can connect to the aRacer app on your phone. Add things like a quickshifter and other tuning options. Sky is the limit.

This ECU is necessary if you want to have a tuned bike with ABS as the ECUs can't be flashed properly. Get ready for spring! PayPal or Venmo only, please.

PM for fastest response, as I'm not a regular on the forums anymore.