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FS Rosso II Tires front and back 100 bucks Seattle

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I no longer ride a MC anymore and dumping some stuff.
New Rosso 2 tires in Stock R3 size 110/140 front rear
Made in 13 and 14.

100 bucks for both must pickup in Seattle
505 918 9875
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I am local, might take you up on this..My bike only has 700 miles though..
new as in brand new never used 0 mileage??
The tires have zero miles on it. I have retired to bicycles at the park now.
Yes zero miles. Never mounted.
The tires have zero miles on it. I have retired to bicycles at the park now.
sent you a PM
Jesus, man ^^^^^^

I am not only to drive 100 miles each way to you^^^^ to deliver the tires when I am asking 100 bucks. Good lord people think before you ask.

What am I your butler?
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Lets make this CLEAR pickup in Seattle as in home of the Mariners, Seahawks and the Space Needle. I will not deliver to you if you live in Oregon and no I will not meet you up in Bellingham if you live in Canada.

^%$## it can't get more simple than that.

Please read the 1st post again ( MUST PICKUP IN SEATTLE).
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**** bro sold your bike and sounds like your already stressing out!

Gl with sale...
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To ship these you only need to wrap them in a bunch of plastic wrap and put the label on the tires. You can also just wrap packing tape around them. Might be around $40 to ship to WI (for me) via USPS retail ground shipping. Pretty good price for $140-150. Of course, buyer pays shipping! :)
Thats too much labor for me. For 100 bucks might just sell them to a local bike shop.
I'm surprised you created a thread! think of all this finger labor wasted!
Dude does your brain work? Where was it when you asked me to drive 100 miles one way to meet you? Ha ha.
I swear some days its better to just not even go online to see what people ask from you.
I agree... Sometimes you should not log on and review offers because heaven knows if you have a hissy fit the sun will no longer continue to shine out of your rear end for any of us!
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