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Full Exhaust System -- Indonesia

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That's the AOD GP system anunaki sell, their video too actually.

It's the one I'm going to buy soon as I've got a few other bits. Ticks a lot of boxes for me.
I would buy that if it didn't have the "blue" color. Would be pretty slick in stainless or just black.
i ordered a Leo Vince Exhaust from Anunaki with a custom mid pipe to have the exhaust look like this Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle
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i ordered a Leo Vince Exhaust from Anunaki with a custom mid pipe to have the exhaust look like this View attachment 32809
Be aware that there are Fake Knock-off Leo Vince exhausts sold out of Asia.

One way to tell is to see if you can find the same exact exhaust on the Leo Vince site and compare them. A lot of the fake exhausts sold in Asia under big name brands like Yoshimura or Akrapovic, etc. do not match any genuine design.....

There is NO exhaust listed on Leo Vince Asia site OR for the Main Italian site or ANY of the regional sites for a YZF-R25 OR YZF-R3. Unless it's a genuine can and that custom mid-pipe is made by anunaki or someone else in Asia, that very strongly suggests it's a bogus exhaust and will have inferior materials used to make it.

The fake exhausts usually rust pretty quickly...........


Parts-Unlimited is the exclusive distributor and their catalog shows this GP Corsa exhaust for CBR250R, Ninja 300 and PCX150 only..

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i will definitely report back on it Anunaki Racing Planet is a forum vendor
need a PCV or remap with this?
Most likely.
Might be able to get by with an EJK Fuel Controller ($225) if you don't do other mods to the engine.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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