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600cc motorcycles are more than sufficient for UK roads in my opinion. There's not a lot a Fazer 600 can't do. It's a great all round bike:


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I'm unfamiliar with UK roads, what about them make owning a 600cc over their more ideal?
There is a lot of congestion on the roads in the UK, the road surfaces aren't great and neither are some car drivers. A lot of roads have had their speed limits reduced from 60 or 70mph to 40 or 50 mph and there quite a lot of speed cameras fixed and mobile about :( .

The Fazer 600 has a top speed of around 135mph, develops around a claimed 98bhp, can do 50 - 70 mpg (UK gallons) and has a great tank range.There are faster 600's and the Fazer is not perfect but it's still a great fun bike to ride in my opinion :) .
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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