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got corner speed? hoodie designs, what do you think? Who wants one?

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Trying to get these designs finalized and the hoodies picked out by Christmas. What do you all think? Please give honest feedback so I can make these awesome! :)

It's hard to show in the picture but the blue is a speckled blue/black American Apparel hoodie, pretty cool in person.

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And one more, pullover style. Trying to find a black/red one like this that zips but no luck yet.

Or the logo smaller like the zips:
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I'll go wit the black/red regardless of pullover or zipper. Let me know before I take off!
hurry up and take my money...those are freaking sweet Id wear it everywhere!

I will buy the pullover the second it comes out...cant decide on the color yet...probably red and black to match my bike ;)
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Okay Okay, I'll get these available ASAP :) What sizes are all of you guys?
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