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GPR V4 want align

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Need some help. Installing GPR on wife 2015 R3 and something is not aligning. Purchased directly from GPR. My R1 was simple installation but this R3 doesn't want to align for S***t:mad:

Anyone had any luck yet with GPR

I have flipped, shifted, etc based unit


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Just curious, did you already tighten up the base of the damper on the frame and the triple clamp? If you did, loosen it. Even loosen the top triple clamp bolt. This might give you enough movement on the mounting plate so you can get the screws in. Once you have the screws in, tighten the bolts on the frame, take off the damper and tighten the triple clamp bolt. Then install damper.

If you have tried this already I would contact GPR about it directly (if you haven't already).
Solved GPR Alignment Issue

2015 R3 uses short pin instead of long Pin

GPR sent me correct pin and everything works perfect now

You can see from pictures that its a huge difference in Pins

Hopefully this saves someone from same frustrations in the future


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Good deal, thanks for posting, May save someone else some grief.
I just put one on my R3 and with the setting at 0 ( softest position ) it's way too hard to steer and ride this POS will get me killed !
Need some help. Installing GPR on wife

( PICS! I wanna see PICS! ) :laugh:
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