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I've had them sitting in a box in case I ever needed them, but then I sold the R3 and ended up getting ran over by a truck on the freeway on my MT-09. Deciding to just sell these parts after all.

Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/Vkxx2ya

All items were taken off the bike soon after purchasing it, in lieu of aftermarket parts. So everything is in great shape.

Stock Front Left and Right Turn Signals: $20
Stock Rear Tail Fender including Turn Signals: $60
Stock Headers with Cat: $100
Stock Exhaust Muffler: $60
Stock Tail Light: $60
Stock Rear Shock: $60
Stock Passenger Pegs: $40
Stock Brake and Clutch Levers: $20
Stock Front Sprocket: $20
Stock Throttle Tube/Grip: $10
Stock Kickstand: $10
Stock Air Injection System (smog) Parts: $5
Stock Air Filter: $5
Team Yamaha Blue Official Backpack: $50

All prices negotiable within reason.

Thank you!

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I would like (need) the kick stand. How much shipped to 33326? Maybe I'll take the backpack too if shipping is a lot for just the kickstand.
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