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Have I been screwed?

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Long story short, I purchased an R3 for a buddy of mine after doing what I thought was enough research. I have attached the photo of the bike. As I see it now, this 2019 R3 does not come in the colorway I have posted here. I saw the tire strips were aftermarket but did not kind. It is vivid white and the red accents are nowhere to be seen. What could be the reasoning behind this? Thank you!
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1. Do you like the bike? Do you like how it looks?

2. Are the fairings damaged at all?

3. How much did you pay?

If your answers are YES, NO, and >$4000 then don't worry about it.
Awesome reply. I will not worry about it.
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I always liked that color. If it was available in a non-ABS bike, I would have bought that color. Honestly, I think it actually looks BETTER without the red stripes :cool:(y)-
Yea I agree. I think that’s why I gravitated towards it… I hadn’t seen any color like it.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts