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Hello from Australia!

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Hi All! My name is Steve and I'm from Tasmania, Australia (the little triangle bit at the bottom, yes it is part of Australia :p )

I purchased an R3 at the start of February to race in the YMF R3 Cup to be held as part of Australian Superbike. Round 1 of the Cup was at Wakefield Park and I came 9th out of 14 entrants. Round 2 is this weekend at Sydney Motorsport Park.

I'll be posting some images of the bike as well as a build/tear down thread as time goes on as well as plenty of racing shots (hopefully not too many gravel traps...)

Nice to meet you all!
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You can't do a build thread Steve, the bike showed up at the track stock, an hour later it was race prepped- I know there wasn't any time for photos
Dont lie, Tasmania isnt part of Australia :p

Good to see you on the forums, and good luck this weekend at SMSP!
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Welcome to USA forums,

Also Welcome to Australia mate :p
I loved following your progress at Wakefield, all the best this weekend.
Welcome mate! Good luck with your races! Keep the rubber side down!
Welcome from England.
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