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I am new here. Have a 2017 R3 I purchased from a dealer with only 312 miles on it.

I have been riding for 40 years, and have all sorts of bikes over the years - like a 72 Kawasaki Z1, 79 Kawasaki KZ650, and Aprilia Falco V90. My favorite rides, though, were my first, a 63 Yamaha 80 in black and chrome, and a 75 Yamaha ST650. I commuted on the 80 for two years as a kid, and the 650 for two years while in the USAF, including winter riding. They are what brought me back to Yamaha when I was looking for a modern bike with fuel injection, water cooling, and modern suspension as a mature rider looking for something easy to deal with, light and fun to throw around.

The R3 ticked all the boxes and I have been thrilled with it. Best bike I've ever owned, by a pretty fair margin.

The bike I purchased had a lowering kit installed for a short rider - which I have since removed (and am selling). Other than that, it is stock, with two exceptions. I am a bit heavy for the stock springs, so I installed a set of Traxxon fork springs that are .825kg (stock is .66kg rate) - which is close to the 2019+ rate of .80 kg ( a good move on Yamaha's part). I also installed a rear shock from a low mileage (500mi) 2019 R3 being sold for parts - which has stiffer spring, a little more base pre-load, and improved damping profile. The difference from these two adjustments is significant, and it feels amazing.

Now to put some miles on it!
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