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Hello from KY!

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Hello forum!

I currently own a 2012 cbr250r but have been drooling over the blue R3's for some time now. Went and sat on one and am currently approved financing at my local Yamaha dealer :p

Trying to make up my mind between the r3 and fz-07. Is the upgrade from the cbr's 25 HP to the r3's 42 HP a REAL noticeable difference?
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Welcome from England,choose the R3 you wont regret it.
I debated between these two and finally went for the R3....I have been using it for around a week now...one particular area where in the R3 is different from the CBR is the power band....in R3 it goes on and on.....and also the low end torque is greater...I ride in very crowded roads in India..where, in parts the average speed ranges from 10 to 15 kmph...I am able to manage in gears 2 and 3...when I took a test ride in cbr I had to shift to gear 1 at times...

thanks for the feedback guys, only 2,500 miles under my belt on the 'wee bee r' so I'm thinking the r3 is the better choice for my riding experience right now and maybe a bump up in power in a couple seasons.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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