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I've been wanting to get a bike and licence for as long as I can remember.
This year I thought to myself, I've been putting it off for long enough. Let's get off my lazy butt and do this.
So I went and got my learner permit and started my bike search while shopping for gears.

I had bought all my gears and was trying to toss up between KTM Duke390 and Yamaha R3.
There were simply too many Honda and Kawasaki 250/300s in the market and I wanted something different.
But being a less common model also means that a good second hand deal is harder to come by...

I went in to a dealership without any intention of purchase but rather just to browse. Next thing I know, I've put down the deposit and signed the paperwork haha. It's funny how that worked out.

So here I am sitting at home on a rainy night, unable to ride.

I thought I'd say hello and introduce myself.

Also if there are anyone around Melbourne area who'd like to go for a ride or teach a learner rider a thing or two about riding, don't be shy. I won't bite...hard haha
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