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Hi everyone,
First post here. I just turned 40 this year so I guess I decided to start my mid-life crisis. I have been riding street for 15 years or so. I've always had cruisers and my daily rider is an HD Street Bob so I had ZERO experience with sport bikes. But I've been a huge race fan all my life and have wanted to get on track forever so I finally pulled the trigger.

I stalked Craigslist for months until I saw the one, and jumped on a 2015 R3 this May for a reasonable price. Was in great shape, but needed some mechanical and tuning so I've been tinkering over the summer. Finally got her on the track for the first time this weekend at Blackhawk Farms and my expectations were blown away.

I spent the first half of the day being like wtf am I doing, this is crazy. Then in the afternoon sessions it suddenly all just started to click, the track started to flow and it all just felt amazing. So I guess I'm hooked.

I have very little interest in street riding on this bike, especially after tracking it, so I will probably continue building it into a track-only bike over winter and cancel the insurance and registration for next year. Dang thing is more expensive to insure than my Harley! Looking forward to learning a lot from you all here. Cheers!

Here she is between morning sessions at Blackhawk on Sunday:
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