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Hello fellow R3 owners!

My name is Colin, I live in Columbus, Ohio. I always wanted to own a motorcycle, and I have never been on a motorcycle before. I have been in the market to purchase a beginner motorcycle for several months now. I stumbled upon the new Yamaha R3 and fell in love with the sexy styling. After seeing this motorcycle yesterday in person I was sold. I plan on finalizing purchase on a raven later this day.
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Welcome not only to the R3 forum, but to the world of two wheels! Be sure to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course. Since you live in Ohio, be sure to join the AMA, which is headquartered in your state. Joining the American Motorcyclist Association will help point you in the right direction in our sport/passtime/lifestyle.
Brand new rider here also; as Mike-the-Bike indicated the MSF is a must. Once you complete the class, create a solid practice schedule for yourself and find a great location to practice. I'm officially over my dread of leaning and trying to figure out how to 'match revs' for smoother downshifting...have a great time learning. Go Raven- Black and you'll never go back. RideSafe!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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