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Helmet - the FIRST thing that you should buy.

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The #1 thing that you do not want to damage is your head.
Arms, legs, and to a certain extent, you back can often heal effectively but the slightest knock on your head can really ruin your life.
Look at Michael Schumacher and Bianchi :(

A fall sideways onto the kerb can cause concussion or worse so only take it off when you are actualy off the bike.

The two most common injuries for motorcyclists will be impact and axonal diffuse head injury. Impact is obviousm ADHI is how the brain moves inside your brain when your head stops or is shaken suddenly.

Both injuries can be helped massively by having a properly fitted, correct sized, good quality helmet. Helmets are ranked on safety (Google SHARP). Check out the safety rating for the helmet that you are looking at . You may opt for cheap riding clothing, boots and gloves but please DO NOT skimp on helmets

The ratings on most rating systems are out of 5 - do not get any helmet lower than a 4.
Ok, youve seen a helmet on Ebay for 50 bucks - leave it alone. You do not know the real quality behind it. Get to a local dealer, mention your budget and concerns for safety and he will help you - borrow money if you have to.
Or, if you have found a couple of decent helmets, then check online for the same helmet from a reputable online store who has a good discount on it. Check sizing.
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haha, bugger me, I always wanted to be Tron or Automan !! :)

Yeah, great idea really.. Added visibility and actualy looks pretty cool, well, it does to me..
Hard core riders might think its gay but they also look down on chicken strips, external armour and neck braces.

I would rather get this stuff than wear a hideous flourescent jacket - although equally good to wear.
Ah, not covering the UK but there will likely be similar products over here.

On a serious note, I wonder if they would be frowned upon by the law or safety officials if they PULSE. There could be an argument that this would actually distract a driver and give them target fixation and hit you, or just put them off and they hit street furniture or other vehicles.
I know cyclists have flashing lights but from behind these are always red, low and obviously a cycle.

The non-pulsing setup is fine i my eyes.
I was watching a YouTube video and some guy has those electric blue strip lights fitted under his fairing.
Now, I have always puked up when seeing cars and bikes bimbod out but it actually looked pretty cool on Black and undoubtedly a safety feature.
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