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Hi Guys,

What an awesome forum. So many great threads. Looks like the R3 has a cult following already.

I've been riding a SYM VS150 scooter, which is a great little ride. I'd only had for a short time and decided I needed something bigger for travelling longer distances. After only riding a week I feel so much more secure on a bike that's built for performance. I love it!

I'd already decided to buy and R3 as my first ever sports bike because of the outstanding reviews all round. I have my bike and now and I've started the endless search for mods, best practices for breaking in, riding, ongoing service and this forum just confirms I've made the right choice.

Already added R&G crash protectors and fender eliminators. Next will be full exhaust and fuel controller (either Bazzaz or Powercommander). Also been in touch with BKmoto and they are working on an R3 headlight kit, due for release November - December. Also checking out rear LED indicators and TS Industries flush mount front LED indicators. I'm sure the list will grow...

Anyways, lots of useful info to check out. Look forward to contributing to the community.

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