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Hi, New Member from India.

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Hello Guys, I'm Apurv from Mumbai (India). Bollywood If you know.
I ride R3 RaceBlu. My riding gears are
Rjays Swift jacket,
Forma Mirage Dry Boots,
Icon Airmada Thriller blue helmet.
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Welcome from England Apurv,good choice Fast Blue.
Hi Apurv,

Congrats on your R3!!

Got ma black lightning last week. Was wondering if you have got any accessories for the bike.
For now I am looking for a stand that would not need spools, just for the weekly washes and chain lubrication. I din not find anything here in Bangalore nor the dealers have it.

Do let me know...Thanks.

Hey Apurv, welcome here too!

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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