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G'day everyone.

New R3 owner here in Sydney, Australia. Have only ridden dirt bikes before, many, many years ago, but decided to get a street bike for some commuting and some fun. Decided on the R3.

Look forward to chatting and learning more about the R3, and ridding in general.

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Another fellow Sydney rider! Welcome, and have fun with the bike :)
Welcome from England
Welcome from the states, brother!
Hello! Being you have some experience on a bike, you know the drill. Safety equipment, throttle control, be careful, be safe, the usual. Enjoy the R3, its loads of fun!
Hello from a wonderfully warm and sunny UK (Unusually! )
Welcome from New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment.
Welcome. I came from the dirt side too. I've only been on the street for about 5 years now. Easy transition from the dirt. Dirt is great experience. Enjoy your new R3, and ride safe. The little R3 is a ball of fun. My little R3 reminded me of my old 250 2-stroke dirt bike, in terms of weight, ergos, and how narrow it is.
Welcome fellow Aussie! Good choice on bike!
Cheers guys.

Went with the red R3 and am picking it up tomorrow, passed my bike licence yesterday, and got the last of my gear today... I'm add ready as can be and looking forward to having some fun learning how to ride.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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