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Hindle Exhaust

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I just put my titanium Hindle Evolution exhaust on and man does it sound and look fantastic! I will say that they do not send another exhaust gasket and the make the adaptor pipe too large so you have to (try and get the old gasket out) in there words which is nearly next o impossible without wrecking it. So I made my own gasket from some head gasket material and wrapped it around the pipe exiting th muffler box to take up the extra play in the adaptor piece. Works great, holds a wonderful seal and sounds amazing!

Easy installation with a new look and sound to the bike! Uses springs to help hold the exhaust cannister and the adaptor pipe. Together along with a titanium clamp!
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Cool story, brah.
We need pictures, video with soundclips, etc.
Cuz you know.... bike porn.
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Waiting............(arms crossed, tapping one foot)
I run Hindle stuff on my racebikes. (Support a Canadian Company, and they pay out contingency money) :)
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+1 for a sound clip

did you source this straight from hindle? I saw on their website this runs for 450 and 350 for the black one is that in CAD?
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