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How to install a motorcycle alarm

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This video isn't a step by step type video, but it gives an overview of what you're looking at. I forgot to mention that you do hook a positive wire to the battery. I also said twice that the tail lights light up, they do not, its just the side marker lights that light up. What I meant to say was that the rear blinkers light up.

If I remember correctly this system was about 200-250 dollars, but it's almost 10 years old now.


I forgot to mention that in addition to motion activation, it has shock activation (if someone hits it like with a bat) and tilt, as if someone were climbing on the bike.
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I get a simple alarm system with remote start, but when I tried to configure remote start isn't work, I think the problem is that the start switch from r3 turn off the 12 v to start, and the alarm works sending 12 v to start. I will need to use another alarm system? or there is a way to use that alarm?.

I will appreciated all your help.

thank you have a nice day.
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