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HyperPro Sport Rear Shock Available From UK

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Another rear shock just became available.

$370 GBP/$582.45 USD, plus 25 GBP/$39 USD shipping.


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NOTES from the listing:

Hyperpro's Sport Shocks are bespoke built to order to suit your individual specification and needs. Type of use, rider, pillion and luggage weights can all be taken into account, ensuring that you get a product that is correct for you.

Sport Shocks have Progressive Springs fitted as standard which offer many benefits, however if required linear springs can fitted instead at no extra charge.

All Sport Shocks come complete with c-spanner type preload adjustment and have adjustable rebound damping.

Spring colour can also be specified in Black or Purple at no extra charge.

All Hyperpro Sport Shocks can be further custom built to accommodate heavier loads and raise or lower the seat height. These custom features outside of normal parameters can be discussed and finalised at point of order to ensure your exact requirements are met.
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Not sure. This shock isn't even listed in their catalog yet.

I did find their shock manual PDF


And I found this in a press release:

" Hyperpro’s 460-series emulsion shock offers 50 positions of rebound damping adjustability and infinite preload settings. The progressively wound spring’s tension is set easily via a threaded collar with an included spanner wrench ". "Custom order to each riders specifications".

Yes, purple would work nicely...
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Just thought of something about pricing.

The UK seller should deduct the V.A.T. for anyone not living in the UK or the EU. I think it's about 23% VAT.

That should make the price even better.
I heard from the eBay seller today about deducting VAT for non-EU buyers.

Anyone thinking of ordering one of these should buy it on calsport.co.uk as it will remove the VAT from the price automatically.

It would make the price $448.00 if the VAT is 23%.
in USA, EPM Performance (epmperf.com) is the Hyperpro and Wilburs (and YSS) importer. I've done business with Klaus over 10 years. Great guy.
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